Descended from the high lords of Landas, whose crest they bear, the Bailliencourt dit Courcols belong to the one of the oldest families of the Artois (north of France).

The addition of "known as Courcol" goes back to 1214, when Philippe-Auguste, the King of France, congratulated one of the members of the family for his exploits during the Battle of Bouvines, calling him "court col" (literally "short neck" or of compact build). The family motto became: "fut par vertu Courcol" (Courcol through virtue).

Louis Soualle, the current owners' great-grandfather, acquired Château GAZIN in the early 20th century, and it is now managed with the greatest of care by his descendants.

The descendants of Louis Soualle represent the fifth generation of owners of wine-growing estates on both the paternal and maternal sides.